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The Chaos Vortex Robert Ennever

The Chaos Vortex

Robert Ennever

Published September 7th 2011
Kindle Edition
472 pages
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 About the Book 

London is in chaos! Rioting mobs are looting, burning and killing. A young scientist at Woden Chemicals discovers a computer disc containing horrifying information. Scared for her life, she contacts her boyfriend, a reporter for the ‘London News’.From England to Germany, from Colombia to Switzerland, we engage with the characters’ stories as they deal with greed, passion, addiction, power, deceit and murder.Circumstances shape destinies. Choices are made. Lives collide with horrendous consequences as all are drawn inexorably into The Chaos Vortex.A book you won’t be able to put down!ABOUT THE AUTHORRob Ennever was born in Sydney, Australia in 1933. He attended North Sydney Boys’ High School and graduated as a pharmacist from Sydney University in 1954.After marrying his childhood sweetheart he opened a number of successful pharmacies on the North Shore and Northern Beaches of Sydney, inaugurating Chambers of Commerce and Merchants’ Associations in the process. The birth of a son and daughter during this time added to his happy life.An inveterate seeker of new challenges, at forty-nine Rob sold his pharmacies, to become a property developer and student of Mid-Eastern History and the Italian language. Then came the call of the land, when he devoted his time and energy to farming a fifteen hundred acre cattle and wheat property in the Cowra region of New South Wales, down-sizing nine years later to start Australia’s first ‘Goosey Gander Geese’ farm, along with a Tukidale carpet-wool sheep stud, on three hundred acres in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales.In her mid-fifties Rob’s wife developed a progressive degenerative neurological disorder and he became her full-time carer until finally she had to be admitted to a Nursing Home when he served as a Community Representative on the Division of General Practice.It was during this time Rob developed a love of writing. It provided him with a degree of escape from the reality of the shattering of their life together. Over this period he wrote five novels in total, including Anna’s Story which speaks of his wife’s tragic illness and its impact on their lives. The Chaos Vortex, Fee-Jee, the Cannibal Islands, Sinclair’s Retreat, Sardinia, the Brotherhood of Orso and Anna’s Story were all penned in the early hours while his wife slept.Rob has remarried and now lives on a mountain-top at Mittagong, New South Wales with his second wife Trish. His passion for the land has now been replaced with a passion for large scale gardening. He is also a teacher of Italian, a keen tennis player and enthusiastic traveller.http://www.bendemerebooks.comhttp://www.thechaosvortex.com