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ZE, Volume 1 Yuki Shimizu

ZE, Volume 1

Yuki Shimizu

Published March 17th 2009
ISBN : 9781934129326
200 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Left destitute and alone after the death of his beloved grandmother, Raizou Shichikawa accepts offer to live at the palatial Mitou home in return for his services as a housekeeper - but theres something very strange about the Mitou family. On pairings exist within these walls, and the occupants behavior seems beyond Raizous understanding.Raizou doesnt take a liking to his ill-mannered roommate, Kon, however, and his interest leads him to discover the truth: the people he works for arent exactly human! Kon is a kami - healer meant to serve his kotodama master. Without a master of his own, Kon lacks purpose and is exploited for his abilities. Can Raizou provide what Kon needs to be fulfilled? Or is the whole scenario just too outrageous to believe?!